How Binita Jain Became a KBC Lottery Winner

Getting to play the famous and prestigious show, KBC is a dream come true for everyone. It is a platform that changes your life overnight for good. It has done some great work for people and the list of people who achieved their dream goes on. People selected to play Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) are mostly the people suffering from the hardships of life so they can be next KBC Jio Lottery Winner. These are the people who are suffering, or shunned from the society and have lost all their confidence in life. That’s when they find a ray of sunshine with a chance to play KBC.

Among the countless success stories is one such story of a recent winner, Binita Jain. Winning 1 Cr, playing with a veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan is no small feat. She is a single mother whose life changed after her husband got abducted by terrorists and never returned home leaving her alone to take care of their 2 children. She was very happy when she saw her name in Kaun Banega Crorepati Winner List. We know that society is especially harsh on single mothers. If you want to see your name in Jio Lottery Winner List 2024 then participate today.

In our culture, single moms and single women are seen with a great deal of prejudice, and she had to deal with a great deal of it herself. But shestayed firm because she had a responsibility to look after her children, which meant she also had a responsibility to look after herself and be psychologically sound. And, in order to maintain her mental health, she needed to keep herself active.

She knew that when people learn that a lady is a single mother, she may also be divorced, widowed, or otherwise alone due to tragic circumstances that their view of her alters. When others see her in that position, their attitudes shift as if she had done something wrong, as if she is in that position as a result of her own fault. It hurts because it happens at a time when you need people’s support the most, and instead you find them criticizing you.

After winning 1 Cr in season 10 of KBC, there was a complete 360-degree shift in public image. It is true when people say that money changes your life. People respond to success and money differently than needy people.

After winning KBC, her life has undergone a complete 180-degree shift. When she returned from KBC, she had no idea how drastically her life would be transformed. She got international recognition everywhere; there was a distinct type of reverence in everyone’s eyes as a result of her presence. As a senior coordinator at the Royal Global School in Guwahati, she was given the opportunity to further her education. Following her victory in KBC, life has been extremely nice to her.

As a single mother, her main wish was to ensure that her children were happy and settled in their new home. Her son is an orthodontist, and she had always dreamt of creating a clinic just for him, complete with all of the amenities. The majority of the award money will be used to fund this Endeavour.

This is how wining a great amount of prize money shapes your life towards betterment. She opened a teaching institute in Guwahati and sent her son away to study BDS. While she went to for further studies and did her masters and B.ed.

People and especially women can develop internally as a result of achieving financial independence; the sense of freedom and security can have as a result of achieving financial independence helps to develop as individuals. It is common practice in this region of the globe for women to be financially dependent on their husbands or partners. Your own hard-earned money instills confidence in you that is unlike anything else; you cannot obtain such confidence by marrying the husband of a multi-millionaire.

This is the great success story of how a single mother of 2 at the verge of breakdown stood up and went on the change her fate and how the amazing platform of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) helps the society. It provides the opportunity of a lifetime and your precious chance to live a happy and fulfilling life to enjoy with your loved ones.

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