It’s Time To Register Your Youngsters In KBC Students Special Week

All you must be familiar with a known name of reality game show called the Kaun Banega Crorepati or shortly KBC. This show is an Indian but the influence is throughout Asia. So this famous show introduces a special week for students. Every student can register through Jio KBC Head Office Number.

Main Goals of KBC Student’s Special Week

There are several advantages of this show, especially for students. As you know this show offers big cash for those who correct the given questions. So for students, this becomes a great opportunity to take part in a special week of the Kaun Banega Crorepati game show and win the big reward.

Apart from this, this show from Jio KBC Head Office also has the main focus to pick those students who have a confidence level and have some knowledge. So this show can boost student confidence level as well as compel the students to prepare for the quiz (questions).

All those students who have a low confidence level or are not interested in the study become hard workers and try to build their confidence level when they see the hardworking and successful students on the stage of KBC during the special week.
All those students who have the intention to answer some questions in a special week are considered active and brilliant students. Because in this special week host will ask some brilliant and general knowledge-type questions. So if you want to increase the knowledge of your children’s register them in the special week through Jio KBC Head Office Number. As we discussed above your children must be awarded at last if they correct the given questions asked by the show host.

How You Can Enter In Student’s Special Week

If you are a student you have the best opportunity to test your knowledge and get more confidence and at last win the big amount. Of course, you are curious about the method that how I can enter in this golden week. So be ready and read this paper till the end in order to get all the information about KBC students’ special week.

Every month there is a special week for the student so do not miss it and register your children’s through Kbc jio head office number. If you have any questions or confusion regarding this event you can contact Jio head office. There is a specific time for registration so you need to become register before the mentioned time. The registration process is mentioned below.

Download and install the Byju’s App from the play store or apple store if you have an iPhone.

  • Now open the app and login yourself for further process. Log in for the current special week and this is called the online registration.
  • After login, there will be some show-related questions so you need to get success in that questions to qualify for the show.
  • After passing the entering test now you need to study some daily and social science problems. And they also ask about general knowledge and important events in history especially related to the country. So be prepared and correct all the questions in front of the show host.

Is Every Youngster Allowed To Participate?

No doubt that the special week is arranged specially for the youngster but there is some limitation and rules regulation of the KBC show. So every youngster is not allowed to play this game. In order to play in the special week, you must fulfill all the below conditions.

  1. As we also mentioned above that KBC is an Indian game show. Only those children can participate in the KBC students special week who belong from India. It means that you must be an Indian citizen.
  2. As KBC students special week is for the youngster but only those who are in between the 8 to 15 years old.
  3. This game allows you to enter from home but for that, you are bound to install the Byju’s App.


KBC is an exciting game show, where Students can win money for answering the questions correctly. For participating in this game show, you can also send SMS to the Jio head office. However, there are many fake SMS about KBC going around but worry not!

Just check the sender’s number and compare it with the Kbcjio head office number. If it’s not the same, file a complaint to Jio head office. They will welcome your complaint. They will do everything to stop such fraud and conmen from playing with innocent people’s money.