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The main game express of India has grown into a fantasy league


After opening the video game, you will be immediately confronted with the first question. There is no idea of ​​the fastest finger before anything else that gets into the action without delay. If you respond to it successfully, you will receive Rs 1000. Answering a matter will be done with one of several four listed products. As the computer game progresses, the money you received will double with each last topic. If you find that you are unaware of the performance, any level you can use any of the 4 lifelines provided. Almost every single lifeline could only be used during the game Kbc lottery winner. The main lifeline is 50 50. This lifeline eliminates 2 wrong solutions and you have to choose the right one from the 2 superfluous options. You could use a smartphone as a lifeline for friends. This lifeline will replicate a discussion about your good friend. Based on the logic associated with the game, mobile friends can provide the most effective help response. You can also exhaust your 30th time limit for smartphone friends. Your third lifeline is the customer survey lifeline. This should mimic a survey among the customers taking part in KBC and shows you the final result of this survey as a bar chart. Your fourth line of life is known as a “flip”. This tends to neglect the actual queries and clearly show that you simply have a new topic without topping up your budget. The flip lifeline could only be used once. If you approach the problem in error, you could always miss out on all of your profits. But other values ​​exist above adventure. How to illustrate Rs 320,000 is just one such amount. If you decide that you are mistakenly choosing a query when you win Rs.320,000, you can use the house of that money and not lose every single financial fortune.


At any point during the promotion, you may also be able to change the online play amount amounts.


The inquiries that have been proven to you can also NOT be ascertained in descending problem recording and are therefore sorted randomly.


Warning: this video game can get quite a habit! Men and women lost nights together and I bet you can’t help but type game.


This Flash gameplay is known as the simulation of that particular TV series and includes music-free samples from the extensive activity display. Things are chosen at random from a collection of 1200 items, ranging from surprisingly easy to really difficult. If you are able to produce 5 crore Rs with this flash computer game, there is a superior shot that can give you a very nice profit that the real game clearly shows as well.


Please note that this online game is never linked to your actual recreation. Indicate that every rupee you earn for this flash simulator is broadcast on Collection India network, you will not get rupees in real life.