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India’s Biggest Game Show Turns Into Fantasy League

When you open the game, you will go directly to the first question. There is currently no concept for the fastest first finger in the game. If you answered safely, you will receive Rs 1000, this main debate. A question is answered using one of the four options given. As the computer game progresses, the money you just won will double on all topics. If you think you may not be aware of the game, each time period you should use some of the 4 lifelines provided. Each individual lifeline could only be delivered immediately thereafter during recovery. The first lifeline is fifty fifty. This lifeline eliminates 2 wrong decisions and you must choose the correct answer from the remaining 2 options. You can also call a friend’s lifeguard Kbc lottery winner. This lifeline simulates a conversation with your friend. According to the logic of the game phone, most of the time a friend will give the correct answer. The 30-second time limit for talking to a friend on the phone may also have expired. The third lifeline is the audience poll lifeline. This simulates a KBC audience poll and shows you the poll results as a bar graph. The fourth line of life is called “Flip”. This will skip the current queries and the TV will show you a new question without increasing your money. The change lifeline can also only be used if. For those of you helping to get a question wrong, feel free to delete all of your resources at any time. But there are different levels during the game. 320,000 rupees, for example, is that level. If you answer a question incorrectly after earning Rs 320,000, you will take that money home and you will not lose all the money.

At any time during the game, you can also adjust the volume of the game.

The questions displayed are also not ordered in descending order of difficulty and are ordered randomly.

WARNING: This game is very addictive! People were wasting days together and I bet he can’t stop at a game.

This flash game is a simulation of the real television broadcast and includes the audio samples of the real game show. Questions are randomly selected from a database of 1200 entries, ranging from very easy to very difficult. You will discover a considerable risk that you will also get good money on the real game screen if you can contribute Rs 5 crore on said Flash game.

Please note that this game is not affiliated with the actual game show that is broadcast on the Set India network and every rupee you win in this flash simulation will earn you exactly zero rupees in the real world.